Monday, April 4, 2011

Random thoughts and pics: ice cream, goggles, thongs, etc.

Here are some of my random thoughts over the past week:

1. Why is there not a spin-only cycle on my washing machine?
2. Edy's slow churned light Samoa ice cream is yummy but doesn't have nearly enough samoas.
3. It's awesome to have a job and boss(es) who recognize my value as an employee. Unfortunately that's not the case for every job I've had.
4. Cold, rainy days suck!
5. Grandparent sleepovers are awesome, but I miss my boys even when they're gone for only one night.
6. I hate grocery shopping.
7. The DirectTV commercials with the tiny giraffe are funny (incidentally, searching "tiny giraffe" gave me 11 swagbucks).
8. I think places that sell candles should give you a book of matches with purchase. We're out of matches and I keep forgetting to get some at the store, so I've been in candle withdrawal lately.
9. Victoria's Secret one size (implied "fits all") thongs crack me up. They are really stretchy though...

And here are a couple of random pictures not related to any of those random thoughts:

Logan, 15 months (Christmas 2007)
Aidan, 3 years (Fall 2007)

Aidan (almost 4) and Logan (21 months) on Father's Day 2008
After digging up these old pictures, I have to add one more random thought: goggles are funny. What can I say, my kids love goggles.


  1. I love the direct TV commercials too! That tiny giraffe cracks me up! And too funny about the goggles! Where do these kids get their trends??

  2. I have no idea! I'm sad to see that trend go, though. Sadly, they haven't worn their goggles in a while :(

  3. Love your random thoughts & pics! I haven't heard about the Victoria's Secret one size undies... very interesting!

    I will have to do a random thoughts post like this. :-) That's pretty much all I've got these days.

  4. Completely agree with the matches thing. It would just be more convenient.

    visions unto myself


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