Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random thoughts and pics: IKEA, orange fingers, fugly shoes, etc.

Here are some random thoughts from the past couple of weeks.

1. Why in the world would someone throw their soda can in the trash when there's a recycling bin like 3 feet away?!? Someone must really hate the earth.
2. I hate that my fingers stay orange after I eat Doritos or cheese balls.
3. I REALLY wish I lived closer to an IKEA (the closest one is a couple of hours away).
4. Shopping online for fabric is difficult. Finding time to go to fabric stores might be even more difficult.
5. I want to knock a hole in the wall and build a closet, but that will probably never happen because Adam and I aren't handy or very DIY-ish.
6. I wonder if Adam and I would be more handy and DIY-ish if we had more fancy tools, or if they'd just sit in the garage unused and collecting dust?
7. Why are all the people who respond to my Craigslist posts to sell kids clothes either flaky or scammy? So frustrating!
8. Do toning shoes really work? I wish they didn't look so fugly.
9. I cringe at the thought of a teacher not knowing that it's "could've" or "could have" but NOT "could of."

And here are some random pictures from April 2008. Happy Spring!

Logan, 19 months
Logan, 19 months
Aidan, 3.5 years
Aidan, 3.5 years


  1. Ahhh I love this post! I swear, we have so much in common. I heart IKEA - just be happy you have one that close! I think ours is 5 hours away. I always look at fabric online, but I've never actually purchased. I think I'm too touchy feely or something. I also want to build a closet in my daughter's room, but the hubby and I are NOT handy at all! We do have tools, but we don't use them. So, no you won't use them if you have them! Ha! And, I'm with ya on the toning shoes. I want some (if they work), but they are too hideous!

  2. I {heart} random thoughts!!!
    1. I have the same complaint and have been known to dig the cans out of the trash and put them in the recycling bin!
    4. I HAVE to feel fabric before I buy it! Especially if it's fabric for clothes.
    6. The only reason me and my hubby are DIY-ers is because we are CHEAP!!
    8. The word Fugly made me laugh!!


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