Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I try to do too many things at once. I'm a mom, that kind of comes with the territory, right? Well tonight was a major fail in the multitasking department. I've always said how chaotic our evenings are, but tonight takes the cake for most chaotic in a long time, and I pretty much wanted to pull my hair out in frustration. Incidentally, Lorelai wanted to pull my hair out, too (ouch!).

Tonight is Aidan's night for soccer practice, so I had about 45 minutes to fix dinner and feed Aidan, Logan and Lorelai, get Aidan changed and help him do his homework that's due tomorrow. I simultaneously dealt with one of Logan's temper tantrums when I told him he needed to finish his banana, and one of Aidan's temper tantrums when he told me he didn't want to/couldn't do his homework. All the while, Lorelai was crying in her highchair because she just wanted to be held.

Then Adam got home 10 minutes before they had to leave for soccer practice and told me we have termites in our garage. Lorelai pulled some more hair out of my head, no one answered when I called Terminix to schedule a service appointment, and I didn't even get a chance to fix myself any dinner.

I ended up deciding that I couldn't go to practice because Lorelai didn't nap enough and needs to go to bed early tonight. So right now, I'm sitting here nursing her, starving, surrounded by complete chaos.

The kitchen table is a complete mess:

kitchen table mess

 There are dirty dishes in the sink:

dirty dishes

Aidan's homework isn't done and he'll have to stay up late to finish it. There are toys all over the floor. Lorelai's bottles for daycare need to be made, the boys will need a shower when they get home, I still haven't finished editing/uploading all of our Easter pictures, it looks like the Easter bunny threw up all over my dining room, and the list goes on and on. The physical chaos just gives way to mental chaos and it makes me crazy and overwhelmed when I think of all the things that are a mess and need to be dealt with.

{Deep breath in, deep breath out...count to 10}

Whew, mental breakdown averted. Lorelai's in bed now, the boys are home and showered, Aidan is finishing his homework with no complaints and Logan just went to bed. Adam ran out to pick us up some dinner, so I guess I'll clean off the table now. But I'll leave the dishes for him!

And I promise I'll try to get the Easter pics up this weekend...fingers crossed! (I'm playing around in Photoshop trying some new actions, so that's why it's more of a daunting task this time.)


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