Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wishing it's Friday ain't gonna make it so, kiddo

Logan has a serious mental block on the days of the week. He can sing the song, but when I ask him what yesterday was or what tomorrow is, he doesn't even bother to think about it and just tells me he doesn't know. Well today, he proclaimed it to be Friday without any regard to the fact that yesterday was Wednesday, therefore making today Thursday. Not Friday. SERIOUSLY.NOT.FRIDAY! I said that a billion times this morning but he kept arguing with me. He told me I was "so so wrong" and "the meanest mommy ever" (for not agreeing it's Friday?) and that I made the calendar wrong.

See, Fridays are share and tell days in his class—the only day of the week he's allowed to bring in a toy from home. This week they're discussing pets, so he's been planning all week to bring in his pillow pet on Friday. When I broke the news to him that it wasn't Friday yet, a major tantrum ensued. So major that I thought he was going to lose his voice from yelling at me so loudly. I REALLY need to teach that kid the days of the week so this bit of morning fun doesn't happen again...

I feel his pain. I'd prefer it to be Friday, too. The good news is that since tomorrow actually is Friday (FINALLY!), I anticipate smiles and excitement tomorrow morning, which will be a nice change of pace from today.

And yeah, I guess I'll cross "pretend it's Thursday" on my list of possible April Fools jokes on the boys!

Happy almost Friday!

He's all smiles now!


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