Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy election day, now go vote!

Just like the other 435,297 bloggers/facebookers/mother's cousin's uncles out there, I proudly report that I did my civic duty and voted with Adam last Friday, and urge everyone else who hasn't voted yet to do the same today.

{alazycrazylife} I voted!

I'm not going to get political (again) but I do think voting is important. Regardless of who you vote for, you should be informed, and make your voice heard. Since North Carolina is a battleground state, it's nice to know that my vote truly matters, which is not something I really felt during the first two presidential elections I voted in.

(But let me just say that after today, I'm really looking forward to my Facebook feed, tv and mailbox getting back to normal! It's sad that politics always gets so dirty and people can become so openly hateful and intolerant of others' views.)


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