Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's letters

Dear work: Dude, stop stressing me out. And lay off the endless meetings, k?

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Dear Thanksgiving break (aka 3 whole days off next week): I love you and can't wait to see you. XOXO

Dear Logan: I hope you don't start feeling this kind of wild any time soon. Do we need to have a chat about appropriate behavior?

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Dear Aidan: Sweet boy, I'm so sorry Daddy and I can't make it to your class Thanksgiving party next week (stupid work). But don't worry, Grandma Ellie to the rescue, she'll be there!

Dear Lorelai: Good job with the potty training so far, but please poop in the potty. Don't keep holding it in, child! Also, thanks for the sweet hugs!


Dear blogging gods: Please don't jinx me for talking about potty training.

Dear Tossed: Thank for the awesome mediterranean pizza that I've had *two* times this week. Yum!

Dear holiday weight gain: Please, just no. Pretty please? I promise to get better about working out if you let me enjoy my halloween candy and Thanksgiving food without bothering me.

Dear Zumba: I miss you. It's been like 3 whole weeks. I'll be back soon, I swear.

Dear Sister: Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you at lunch tomorrow.

TGIF, everyone!!!!!

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