Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween sucks for the peanut allergic

This is Lorelai's first Halloween that we've known about her peanut allergy (we suspected it last year, but weren't going to give her candy anyway) and after looking at her haul from last night, I realize just how disappointing this might be in years to come. There's literally almost nothing in her bucket she can safely eat.

what she got vs. what's safe for her to eat (not sure if milk duds are safe, but they're too hard for her to chew)

I remember back in the day, this was my ideal bucket. It's the "good" candy—none of that bubble yum or generic hard candy crap that I would almost always throw out when I was a kid (or give to my mom...).

Of course she doesn't need the candy at all, even if it is safe, so this seems like such a petty complaint right now. But because of the boys, she's already asking for treats and she knows what her candy is, so it's hard telling her she can't have it.


I also know that candy isn't the only fun thing about Halloween (just like Christmas isn't just about the presents), and she did have fun dressing up, trick or treating and decorating her pumpkin, but it's such a tease to tell her to go ask for candy and then take it away from her right away. It's like having her open presents and then taking them back. No bueno!


Not sure how we'll handle this in years to come, but suggestions are welcome! In the meantime, at least Adam and I have a ton of good candy to share without feeling guilty about swiping it from the kids. :)



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