Monday, November 12, 2012


I've got to present some slides tomorrow at an all day meeting and I'm really nervous. I hate public speaking.

I dodged a bullet by not having to travel to my company's main office to do the presentation in person, and I don't have to actually stand up in front of the group, but we're supposed to do a video conference and it's to a whole group of people I don't regularly work with, including a lot of senior staff. It's a big deal. I don't really know what to expect, some of the subject matter is outside of my comfort zone, and I hate public speaking. I mentioned that already, huh?

I do have to say that I've really come a long way in terms of my ability to speak in front of people, which I'm super proud of. I used to get nervous just going around the room and giving a simple status update at staff meetings, and now I lead multiple different meetings, two of which are daily. I have conference calls all the time and don't get nervous about those. But there's just something about the context and the audience that flips a switch on my nerves. Put some VPs in the room, call it a presentation, and boom. My stomach is in knots.

But I've got my notes and I know people are there to back me up if I get stuck, so I'm just crossing my fingers that my slides go over well and my brain continues to function through my nerves. Hmmmm, what are the odds I can convince them to order me a glass of wine with my lunch? :)


And in an effort to take my mind off the meeting tomorrow, here's my weekly photo dump:


Aside from almost nightly meltdowns from Lorelai, last week was good, and this weekend was really great. Highlights:
  • Amazing weather, so lots of time outside. (Who needs tennis courts? Cul-de-sac tennis FTW!)
  • I even went on a run with the boys on their bikes and Lorelai in the jogging stroller!!!
  • A family breakfast at Bob Evans.
  • A sweet sister checking on Logan who had a tummy ache.
  • An independent little lady who got herself all "ready" to go with grandma and the boys to cousin Isaiah's football game on Saturday (she was not so happy when I told her she wasn't going...)
  • Quality time with my girl while the boys were out and about with grandma.

I'm also doing #30daysofthankful on Instagram, so I'll be sharing those photos in a post at the end of the month.


  1. Girl, I feel your pain! We have so much in common! I too hate, and I mean HATE, public speaking. And like you, I even used to get nervous saying 2 sentences in front of everyone at our weekly team meetings. BUT, I am much better now. :) However, I still sweat profusely and sometimes forget to breathe when presenting in front of a big group. My boss says I'm great at it though, which is good because I always feel like a mess. :-) You'll do fine! And just think about how GREAT you'll feel when it's all over. Good luck!


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