Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 30...ish}

I've totally slacked off on my weekly photo dumps...mostly because I slacked off on actually taking photos. Oops! Of course I've instagrammed a few here and there, but my lazy ways got the best of me.


Random comments:
  • Lorelai loves her new rain boots!
  • The boys have made it through all of the Star Wars movies, thanks to Friday movie nights.
  • Lorelai loves to enjoy post-bath tv watching with daddy.
  • There was a frog on our back porch door (did that even need explanation?)
  • I want to start playing more games with the boys. I think a family game night needs to start happening regularly.
  • I polished off two huge sushi rolls at lunch last week even though I had really planned to save some for dinner.
  • The kids are all sporting angry birds tattoos.
  • Zumba seriously kicked my butt this Saturday, even my belly button was sweating. I'm still sore!
  • Aidan had his first soccer game this weekend. Unfortunately, his team lost and he got a few goals scored on him--to be fair, not a kid on his team could have saved most of them, the other team was really good.
  • Lorelai learned about dinosaurs at school last week and came home sporting some dinosaur horns.
  • She then lost her mind when I told her she couldn't have a second lollipop before dinner and threw a HUGE tantrum, complete with kicking and screaming on the floor. Yikes.
  • After going through the phase of constantly avoiding the camera, Aidan has turned into the king of photobombs. He jumped in front of my camera as I was trying to get a rare picture of Logan (who has turned into the camera avoider). I got a great pic of his eye though. Love those freckles.


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