Monday, September 17, 2012

How many Lego Death Stars does that cost?

Apparently the boys are in a phase where the cost of everything is all relative to the $400 Lego Death Star. When Logan got $20 for his birthday, he started trying to figure out how much more he needed to get a Death Star. When Aidan heard Adam say something about $4000, he did the math to figure out that would get him 10 Death Stars.

This morning, we realized we could get almost three Lego Death Stars for the price of sending both of them to intersession camp for three weeks. That was a fun thing to think about when I was writing that check this morning, especially since we keep telling them that the Death Star is way way too expensive and they'll have to save up for a really long time to even come close to having that kind of money, and at that point they'd probably want to put it towards something more a car.

We're encouraging them to stick to the more economical Lego sets. Wolverine's helicopter is just as cool. For reals.


So anyway, school is out for the next three weeks as the boys have their first break. This is the first year that Logan has gotten to go to this camp with Aidan, and he was so excited. They do several field trips a week to places like arcades, the bowling alley, roller skating and ice skating which Logan hasn't really ever done. They also go to parks and a local soccer sportsplex, which is apparently not as exciting to him. Their field trip today was to the sportsplex where they played dodgeball and some other game. Despite the fact that Logan won his game of dodgeball and he got to spend all day playing with his brother, he said he didn't have a good day because he's already been to that place and it was "just sports stuff."

Mr. Picky was a grouch when he got home and wouldn't let me take his picture.


This guy on the other hand, had a great day. He got home, did some homework (yes, he has homework over the break for the first time and no, he's not happy about it) and even had time to search YouTube for instructions on how to make Origami Yoda. As I tucked him into bed tonight and asked what his favorite thing was today, he said it was having Logan there with him. Awwwww!


Side note: Although I love having a break from making lunches every night, I'm really going to miss free public school for the next three weeks. I got into a bad habit of enjoying that extra money in our bank account, and now it's like we're back to having two in daycare. Almost 3 freaking Death Stars. Ugh.


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