Monday, March 7, 2011

As if doing laundry didn't suck enough...

...It's now taking FOUR HOURS to dry one load of laundry. Yes, four. No, I didn't get all the laundry done because of it. Yes, we have a service appointment to check the unit on Tuesday (yay for our extended warranty with hhgregg). In the meantime, thank goodness we have extra sheets and towels!

We bought an LG front loader washer and dryer a year and a half ago because our old washer didn't agitate anymore, and the heating element was starting to go out on our old dryer where it would sometimes take two hours to dry a load. All was going well with our fancy schmancy set until recently when I noticed the dry time steadily increasing. Typically, a normal load would dry in about 40 minutes (less time than a normal wash cycle). Once I noticed that the dryer was still going after the wash was done, we started troubleshooting. We detached the vent hose, cleaned it out, and used a blower to check the air flow from the laundry room to the exterior vent. Air flow seemed fine, but no improvement on drying time.

So yesterday was the final straw. Adam put a load in the dryer at about 11am. I checked on it a little before 1pm, and the clothes were pretty much just as wet as when they came out of the washing machine!!! It took two more hours until they were finally done. Cuh-RAZY! I just hope it's a quick and easy fix. The laundry is piling up we don't have enough sheets to last past the weekend...

But the good news is that despite not finishing the laundry, I had an uncharacteristically productive weekend. We went to the grocery store for the first time in 3 weeks(!) and did great with the coupons. $87.53 in coupons and $60.12 in VIC savings. Woohoo!

I purged all the boys' old shoes and cleaned out the hall closet—the door actually closes now! (Ok, so it may not look that great now...I should have taken a "before" picture so you'd be more impressed ☺).

I cleaned our master bathroom, we vaccuumed, mopped and dusted (ok, so I didn't actually finish dusting and the rag is still on the bookshelf, but still...)

And to top it all off, I even pureed green beans, carrots and peas for Lorelai and made banana bread muffins for the boys!

I'm patting myself on the back for getting so much done in one weekend (although I may have just raised the bar a bit too high for myself, lol!) And with any luck, our dryer will be back in business by tomorrow night and I can cross laundry off my to do list, too! Fingers and toes crossed! (Speaking of toes, I just added pedicure to my list of things to do next weekend ☺)

Has anyone else had an issue with an LG dryer? Any idea what's going on with ours?


  1. Girl, you put my weekend to shame! ;) No help on the dryer front, but that STINKS! Your couponing also leaves me in awe. You are super mom today (well, you know, more than you are every day!). :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!
    Lovin' your manhy great ideas and funny storries.


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