Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celebrity of the Week

Amidst all of the drama with Aidan at school last week, it was his turn to be "celebrity of the week" in his class. Oh the irony, since I'm sure there's nothing in the fine print about how getting your work torn up and suffering shame and embarrassment is part of the celebrity treatment.

Anyway, each student has a week where they get special privileges each day. In theory. Too bad Aidan kind of got the shaft for most of the week...

On Monday he was supposed to share his "all about me" poster. Problem was, he was out sick on Friday so he didn't get one to take home and fill out over the weekend. He came home upset because not only did he not have one to present, he said his teacher didn't even tell anyone he was celebrity of the week.

On Tuesday, he brought in one of his favorite books to be read during story time. He came home sad because she didn't read his book like she was supposed to.

On Wednesday, he was supposed to present 3 favorite toys from home. He was only given enough time to present his poster from Monday. I guess the rest of the time was spent ripping up his work and making him cry...

On Thursday, I went in to have lunch with him. Except I actually missed lunch in the cafeteria with the class because their schedule got changed at the last minute, so Aidan was upset because thought he was going to have to miss his special lunch. Luckily, this is where the week took a turn for the better for him. The lunch mix-up actually was better for us, because I got to have a special lunch in his class with just him and 3 friends. He even got his story read that afternoon and was very happy that his friends all loved the book (Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice).

On Friday, he finally had a great day from start to finish. He was able to choose his favorite classroom job, and he chose line leader. He also got to take the class pet stuffed animal home for the weekend, which is apparently a big deal to all the kids.

Aidan was very excited to take Leap home to play with. Leap went with us to lunch at Chili's and the ice cream shop and met Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday. On Sunday, Leap got to take a ride on Aidan's remote control Jeep in the gorgeous weather!

Despite a seriously crappy situation that week, I'm so glad it ended on a high note for him. He's been looking forward to being celebrity of the week for a while, so it was nice to have him excited about something, and hopefully his good day on Friday helped to take his mind off the bad stuff.


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