Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm kind of insulted

Yesterday, Aidan came home and told me that I needed to pack him a bag lunch for his field trip today. Ok, no prob. Then he asked if I could make an extra sandwich for his teacher, just in case she forgot to bring one, "because she forgets sometimes, on field trips." OMG, how sweet is that?!? He remembered (or heard her say she sometimes forgets), so he wanted to do something nice for his teacher. That's despite previous issues like this and this. I'm such a proud mom!

Well, I decided that I probably didn't need to make a whole sandwich for her (I assumed she probably would bring her lunch, plus I didn't know whether she liked PB&J), but we decided that we would put a granola bar in there for her just in case, since I saw her eat one the last time I took them as a snack to his class.

So Aidan gets home today and said he had a great time on the field trip (and got all his words right on his spelling test, yay)! Then I ask if his teacher liked the granola bar. He said "no, she didn't want it because that's all I brought for her." Um, what? I had to have misunderstood him because a teacher couldn't possibly be that ungrateful to a child who is trying to do such a kind thing, right?!

I asked Aidan to tell me exactly what she said when he tried to give it to her, and he told me she said "that's it?" Granted, she may have said it jokingly and he said she thanked him, but of course I'm overly sensitive about it because I already have issues with her. So to me, it just sounds like she didn't appreciate the gesture at all. On the upside, at least Aidan wasn't bothered by it.

Ok, I admit...I have a tendency to overreact sometimes. But I'm kind of insulted (on Aidan's behalf, but I'm taking it personally for some reason) that she wasn't more appreciative. Feel free to tell me I'm being crazy, but just be nice about it because apparently I'm overly sensitive today ).


  1. I wouldn't worry too much, as a teacher, I can't imagine saying that to a student, so I'm sure she was just joking. :-) Sometimes kids don't pick up too well on sarcasm, ha! Cute blog!

  2. Thanks, Kim! I hope you're right. I asked Aidan if he thought she was joking and he said no, but it's definitely possible he missed sarcasm. I hope that's the case! I still don't think her response was appropriate since it came across in a bad way, regardless of how she intended it. It's so hard to keep giving her the benefit of the doubt over an over again...

  3. OK, this is getting ridiculous! I talked to my mom and she gave me a couple of tips. I'll shoot you an email.


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