Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emoji poop is funny

Subtitle: I'm immature

So while Adam is living it up in sunny Florida on a work trip, I sent him this text.


Yeah, that happened.

Couple of things to note here:
  • Yesssss! Finally a poop in the POTTY! (Lorelai has been pretty much day time potty trained for a few months now, with the big exception of #2. She has no problem with pee, but holds her poop and saves it for a nap time pullup or diaper at night. UGH!)
  • As I was putting her to bed, she was so excited to tell me the story about how "I had a big poopie in the potty, ewww! and mommy was so proud and I got a chocolate chip and it was yummy and I clogged the potty [snicker]."
  • My kids have an uncanny ability to clog the toilet, and apparently Lorelai is no exception.
  • I should really be a pro plunger by now, but darn it if it doesn't take some serious effort for me to unclog a freakin' toilet!
  • Emoji icons are awesome.
  • No idea why I put the mustache dude on there, other than the fact that my sweet little girl took a man dump. And mustaches+poop=LOL.
  • Aidan, Logan and I cracked up over this text for way longer than we should have.
  • Sorry for the poop talk.


  1. My son has done that but he gets all freaked out! haha ;)

  2. HA HA HA HA! I just used that emoticon yesterday - no joke! It's my fave. :-) Leila was the same way as Lorelai, but she would go and put a pull up on just so she could poo. That lasted about a week and then she finally started going on the potty.

  3. Oh my goodness, that's so funny!! :) And yay for Lorelai!!


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