Friday, February 10, 2012

{February} 10 on 10

It's February 10, so that means it's time for another 10 on 10 post!

10 on 10

These photos were all taken yesterday evening inside. I'm still using and loving my 50mm 1.8 so I played around a lot with focal points and shallow depth of field. It totally makes me feel like a professional :) I'm still struggling with white balance a little (I used AWB) and had to do some tweaks in Picasa. I just did some auto color and auto contrast because I didn't feel like messing with Photoshop. The color was better than last time though, and overall I'm liking what I took.

On the way home from the bus stop, Aidan picked a flower to give me. Awww!
Aidan's flower
Holy gross nails, batman! We clipped and scrubbed them as soon as I saw this photo.

He also had some Star Wars drawings to show off. The boys are pretty much obsessed with Star Wars these days so I see a trip to the movies in our future!
Aidan's Star Wars drawing

He threatened to blast me if we didn't take him to the movies. (Just kidding! I stopped him from blasting his brother and posed him like this so I could take the pic.)
Star Wars blaster

Lorelai did some coloring while we got dinner ready.
Lorelai coloring

It was serious business.
Serious coloring face


The boys mugged for the camera during dinner. I probably shouldn't have gone all paparazzi on them while they were eating, but I didn't want to wait until it got dark! Momma's gotta have some good pics to blog about :)


Aidan insisted on making this goofy face, he wouldn't smile. Love it though!

After dinner, Lorelai sported one (only one, the other is lost) of Aidan's UNC happy feet slippers. Despite that nasty loss to Duke on Wednesday, she's still representin' our team. Go Heels! There's always next time...
UNC happy feet slipper

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  1. Oh Becky these are fabulous! Love them all!

  2. These are great...I enjoyed reading about your day:)

  3. What great pictures! I love the focus in them. New follower!


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