Monday, February 27, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 6}

Not many pics this week, but it was jam-packed. With lots of fun but also lots of stress and more wacky weather.

iPhone photo dump week 6

Sunday was awesome if for no other reason than chocolate wine (Ariel, yum!), and some of my fave shows on tv: Shameless, House of Lies and Californication. And the wine is practically a health food, right?! Red wine and dark chocolate--I felt my heart get healthy with every sip. For reals :) We also had snow that night and at Jump Zone for a birthday party, Aidan was planking in the bounce house. I think he was wondering why I was cracking up.

Monday I cried at work because I got seriously stressed and frustrated about a presentation my team had to give on Tuesday (and all the work that still had to go into it), but then it was all good because we got free tickets last minute for the boys to join us at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. The boys had a blast and the Canes actually won 5-0 against the Washington Capitals, which meant free queso from Moe's the next day. Mmmmmm, queso.

The presentation I stressed about went pretty well on Tuesday. What's funny is that I can lead a meeting, no problem. Same people, similar situation but call it a presentation? I get all nervous and shaky. I loathe public speaking (even though I didn't even have to stand up this time--go figure).

We had gorgeous weather on Thursday, but on Friday, storms rolled in with rain and lots of wind. I watched the huge pine trees in our back yard sway dramatically back and forth, but the storm passed without any wind damage or tornadoes in the area.

I also employed some child labor to vacuum under the kitchen table. That's what happens when you dump half a pouch of blue fun dip all over the floor, even though you're supposed to be sitting at the table so you don't make a mess (ahem, Logan).

On Saturday, some girlfriends and I went to a mixology class at a bar downtown and then grabbed something to eat. It was fun, and now I know how to make coctails like a juicy fruit, pink starburst and a blackberry blast (although I'm not a huge fan of the bourbon that's in that one). Picture me behind the bar slinging bottles like Tom Cruise (no, not really...they didn't even let us mix our own drink. lame!). Not pictured was the huge guilt trip I got from the boys on Sunday for not being home to tuck them into bed (and also from Lorelai with a 5am wake up call for "moooommmmyyyyy"). I guess since I'm a mom, I'm not allowed to have a life. Sigh.

That was our week, how was yours?

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  1. Yessssssssssssss!!! Chocolate wine! Yummo! Your little blurb about the title of "presentation" totally making you freak out... that is SO me! I have NO problem speaking in a group or heading up a meeting, but when it comes to straight up presenting? I get some serious sweaty palms. :-)

    AND, I'm stoked you're trying out some Body Rocking! It really is fun...but mainly just easy to fit in everyday. I seriously don't spend longer than 20 minutes working out every evening. And if they don't have a timed challenge for the day, then I just modify whatever they have posted to fit into 20 minutes. :-) Oh, and I don't have any fancy equipment or anything, just some 5 lb weights, so I usually modify the workouts requiring equipment.


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