Saturday, May 19, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 16}

After missing a couple weeks due to being on vacation and just plain lazy, I've got some new iPhone photos to share from this week and last week.

iPhone photo dump {week 16}
iPhone photo dump {week 16}
iPhone photo dump {week 16} 

  • I had a wonderful mother's day (which I'll blog about eventually...hopefully!)
  • We took our first trip to the new farmer's market that just opened up right around the corner from our house. Got yummy veggies and pretty flowers for our sisters as a thanks for helping with the kids.
  • Lorelai has become obsessed with sunglasses. So cute!
  • I had a productive week at work (granted, it felt like the longest week ever, which is odd since I would have assumed my first week back from vacation would feel like the never ending week). 
  • I've been enjoying some yummy Honduran coffee we got from a craft market in Isla Roatan.
  • I've also been enjoying a lot of baby girl snuggles (and accessorizing with her hair bows she leaves laying around all over the house, just to explain the random picture above of my head).
  • We celebrated my mom's birthday on 5/12. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • All of my kids were on their best behavior while we were gone, and now 2/3 of them have given up on it. And surprisingly, Logan isn't one of them. He's been really great, but Aidan has had a bad attitude, and Lorelai has been super clingy and having major meltdowns at night.
  • Speaking of Lorelai's meltdowns, she's cutting molars on top of the whole "mommy and daddy left me for a whole week" thing, so that's just really bad timing.
  • She's also more obsessed with her paci lately, to the point where she's started asking for it as soon as she gets home. I'm starting to get really worried about what a nightmare it'll be to break this habit...
  • Mentally getting back into work was tough. Ugh. I really miss not having to do anything boring or mentally difficult :)
  • I didn't get any good pictures of me and the kids on mother's day, which I didn't realize until Tuesday when it was too late to do anything about it. They all ended up out of focus or just not good, which makes me SO upset. 
PS: Since photobucket got rid of their collage tool, I've been experimenting with some iPhone apps so I can make a collage with my instagram photos and upload them to photobucket without having to mess with my computer. There are a bunch out there but Pic Collage seems to work fine, even though it doesn't have a 3 x 3 square layout. I guess the 2 x 2 square will have to work for now. Just FYI in case anyone else was looking for an alternative to photobucket collages.

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  1. ugh, going back to work after some time off is THE worst. and i'm so sorry you didn't get any mother's day pics... that is like the ONE thing i wanted for the day. i feel ya!

  2. Dumb Dad and I were just talking about taking a cruise. I will have to look back at your posts to see what you thought!


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