Friday, February 4, 2011

One of those mornings

This is one of those days where I wish I had just stayed in bed and cuddled with my baby girl all day.

If I had stayed in bed...

...Maybe I wouldn't have had an argument with Adam about helping me get Lorelai dressed (and then subsequently having to change her pants because I didn't like what he picked out, even though there was technically nothing wrong with it).

...Maybe Logan wouldn't have hit me and screamed at me that I'm a mean mommy who hurt his feelings (all over not being able to bring his pillow pet to school for share and tell because it doesn't begin with R, the letter of the week in his class).

...Maybe I wouldn't have heard that Aidan's bus driver accused him of poking holes in the seat on the bus. For the second time. (Can't wait to hear Aidan's side of that story, especially since he doesn't carry anything in his bookbag capable of poking a hole in a bus seat!)

...Maybe I wouldn't be having a bad hair day because of the rain. (To be fair, I'd probably still have a bad hair day, it just wouldn't be because of the rain and I wouldn't care since no one would see me.)

...Maybe I wouldn't be cold and wet because of the rain. (Wait, no maybe about that bed is nice and warm and dry!)

...Maybe I wouldn't get a pounding headache every time I stand up. (That Advil took way too long to kick in!)

That's a lot of maybes for today. Eh...maybe tomorrow will be better.

For the record, Friday mornings should never have the same level of suckitude as Monday mornings.

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  1. Ugh. I hate those days! And for the record, I once was so annoyed with what Peter put Logan in that I didn't say anything but took another outfit to daycare and put it on him. And told Peter that he had a diaper blowout in his outfit. Here's to the weekend being better! :)


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