Monday, December 2, 2013

30 days of thanks

Like last year, I spent the month of November finding something to be thankful for in every day. The big things are obvious...but the little things are just as important and it's an ongoing effort to stop and truly appreciate all those little things that make me an incredibly blessed and fortunate (and overall happy!) person.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 1: Thankful for sweet treats. Both a blessing and a curse after Halloween, but I chose to look on the bright side. :)
Day 2: Thankful for lazy weekend mornings watching a movie with my family (my messy house can wait).
Day 3: Thankful for quality family time on a gorgeous fall day at the NC Zoo.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 4: Thankful to be back at Zumba after a long hiatus. Such a great workout!
Day 5: Thankful for the ability to telecommute so I didn't have to actually be in the office for my 7 freakin' AM meeting.
Day 6: Thankful for a bath time full of laughs with this silly girl.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 7: Thankful for this gorgeous sunset (even though it came an hour too soon because of the time change!).
Day 8: Chocolate wine + Grownups 2 on Redbox + handsome hubby=perfect at-home date night. And for that, I'm thankful.
Day 9: Thankful for cousins that can come over for a last-minute play date.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 10: So, SO thankful that Lorelai's knee seems to be better and she's able to walk on it now. Whew!
Day 11: Thankful for all the veterans who have served our country.
Day 12: Thankful for the joy this girl brings into all of our lives, with every kiss, every smile, every hug.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 13: Thankful for the sibling bond these 3 share. In quiet moments like these, I'll often find them snuggling, completely unprompted. I'm also thankful for my own sister, whose birthday is today.
Day 14: Thankful for family dinners.
Day 15: Thankful that Lorelai did so well on her first trip to the dentist and got a clean bill of health.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 16: Thankful for my silly boys (and photobombs by Logan wearing Lorelai's Minnie Mouse ears).
Day 17: Thankful for gorgeous mild weather in the middle of November, and neighbors for the kids to play with.
Day 18: Thankful for a daycare center that has taken excellent care of Aidan, Logan and Lorelai over the past 9 years. One that's so fun, Lorelai doesn't want to leave at the end of the day.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 19: Thankful my kids are good sleepers (and pretty much always have been). We really got lucky! And I just love how peaceful and angelic they look when they're sleeping.
Day 20: I cannot even tell you how thankful I am for what Logan wrote, especially that last line, especially given some not so warm fuzzy feelings he's expressed recently. Not gonna lie, this totally made me cry happy tears.
Day 21: Thankful that Logan is willing and able to help quiz Aidan on his spelling words.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 22: Thankful that both Adam and I were able to attend Logan's class Thanksgiving play/feast. He was so shy standing in front of everyone, but memorize every single thing. #proudmom
Day 23: Thankful that Aidan and Logan are so helpful with grocery shopping. Aidan's got 2 bags like Adam, Logan's got one bag and Lorelai's hand.
Day 24: Thankful for relaxing spa time where I enjoyed a nice facial (compliments of a birthday gift from Adam...from May).

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 25: Thankful for warm blankets and Parks and Rec on the DVR. Brrr!
Day 26 (oops, missed a day): Thankful for Bojangles.
Day 27: Thankful for fun family time at Frankie's and a day off to spend it.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Day 28: Thankful for family, excellent food, and the loving hands that prepared it. Happy Thanksgiving!
Day 29: Thankful for Grandma sleepovers and a kid-free date night.
Day 30: Thankful for Lorelai's first successful sleepover at Grandma's (was totally expecting her to bail and have to come home like last time) and a morning date to see Catching Fire while the kids were still at my mom's.

As always, there's so much more I could include on this list. Not everything's all sunshine and roses in my life all the time (obviously), but I'm filled with so much gratitude.


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    1. Thanks! I know they're reposts from IG, but not everyone follows me on IG and I had to put them all in one place so I can always look back at what I'm thankful for. :)

  2. Love this and remember seeing all of them. I did a thankful list a couple years ago and really not much has changed!


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