Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

Seems like random thoughts are about all I can manage these days, so here are a few more coming atcha on this Fine Friday (which is all the more fine knowing I don't have to work tomorrow after all, yay!).

Lorelai was barely in the Three's class for a month before she could recite the pledge of allegiance by heart. I finally realized that I should record her saying it. (I actually did record her saying it last month on instagram, but 15 seconds wasn't quite enough time for her, so I recorded it again today.) I've also caught her singing God Bless The USA. She's a patriotic little thing. :)

We decided on Halloween costumes, but both Logan's and Aidan's involves some DIY action that Adam has been hard at work putting together. Lorelai, on the other hand, lost her mind over a Minnie Mouse costume at Target and wouldn't take No for an answer. At least hers was easy--swipe card, and done.

I'm so excited that Scandal is back on, but I'm not used to having to wait a whole week between episodes, after binge-watching the first two seasons. Speaking of TV, how great was the Walking Dead premier? I can't wait to see where this season goes. And I think I'm still bothered by some of the past few Sons of Anarchy episodes. That's another seriously intense and great show. 

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I've been stress eating lately and I'm so not happy about the extra few lbs I've packed on recently from eating ALL THE CARBS! :( But I've been back to Zumba for two weeks in a row now (after a shameful 6 month hiatus), so hopefully I can get back on track with my exercise and get motivated to eat healthier.

We've amassed quite the collection of Chick-fil-a happy meal books, and while I was reading the latest about pandas, I couldn't help but think about this and crack myself up.


Now I'm off to watch Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, as per my regular Friday night ritual. TGIF, ya'll!


  1. The eyeliner - BAHA! It's hilarious because it's true. :)

  2. Hahaha the eye liner really made me smile... Happy be to your newest follower!

  3. That whole eyeliner thing is hilarious!?!!??! How can I not see more funny things like this more often hehe

    1. I know! I literally lol'd the first time I came across this one. :)


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