Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random thoughts: shopping, avocados and carnivals

1. I learned my lesson: never go clothes shopping wearing a sports bra. We stopped at Old Navy this weekend since they were having a 30% off sale, and I grabbed a couple of cute tops to try on. They were so unflattering that I left mad, without getting a single thing. Maybe they would have been unflattering anyway, but the sports bra sealed the deal. Bummer, because I really want some new tops for spring/summer.

 photo A6B62915-98A7-4FE9-B531-CEB6F49E735D-6642-000009440C4D6DBF_zpsc7671b60.jpg
Not wearing a single thing from Old Navy, but still the cutest model there :) Should have just skipped my section and shopped for her instead!

2. I also tried on a bathing suit, and I stand by my previous statement that bathing suit shopping makes me wish it were winter all year long. Ugh.

3. Avocados (or "applecados" as Lorelai would say) are awesome. She and the boys don't appreciate their yumminess so that meant more for me and Adam. On burritos for Cinco de Mayo, and then on toast with feta and tomatoes for lunch the next day. Yum! I just wish they weren't so expensive...

 photo 97F9472E-922A-4E68-8E72-C82A0639F973-6642-000009440451A487_zps5bbcb1d7.jpg  photo 40B7973E-795D-4F91-8F7A-61E775380A44-6642-00000943F8658820_zps58dc1fdd.jpg

4. I sat in a conference room all alone for a meeting today. Lame. (And it happens more often than you might think...)

 photo 3E8B37E1-7237-44FE-8EC8-DE4F6F4F4E0F-6642-000009446A7152C0_zpsed75acc7.jpg

5. I took the kids to a school carnival on Friday. Bounce houses + games + soda + staying up past bedtime = good times. Plus, Logan's friend's mom got us free tickets, so that's a total win in my book.

 photo C34CC9FD-84A3-4036-BFD3-90D468EEE13D-6642-000009449D7F07BD_zpsc82224b3.jpg  photo 94EEC41C-1244-4A44-91D7-D8C19531EE26-6642-0000094495CB2BA0_zps7636eaca.jpg  photo FF93E9C5-23BC-4D0D-9F0E-389340ED1526-6642-00000944A5F9094F_zps76d9bec7.jpg
Logan's favorite thing ever was soda pop drop ring toss. He play so many times until he won, and was so excited to drink his 7up, a treat since he rarely gets soda :)

 Also, is it really only Tuesday? Geez.


  1. Agreed about shopping in a sports bra. Too bad that's about all I wear these days. Who has time for real bras when you live in workout clothes (ie. the comfiest thing in the closet)?
    How much are avocados there? They're super cheap here.

    1. $1.29 each, which seems steep to me, but I don't know actually know what a good price would be. How much are yours?

  2. Bathing suit shopping? Just the thought of it makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Yikers!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

    1. I know! I've started a 30 day squat challenge as a direct result :)

  3. applecados ARE awesome!! :)
    sorry you didn't have luck at old navy...i feel the same way about my tatas in some of my nursing bras. if there's not padding, they look like lumpy frumpy sacks :)

    1. Oh, I know that frumpy sack feeling all too well after breastfeeding three kids for three and a half years total. It's hard to see my breasts and stomach and not get upset sometimes, but then I have to remember that I wouldn't change how I got them for the world :)


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