Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Quick, someone say my name 3 times fast and maybe the sleep issues we've been having for the past few days will magically disappear. Wait, that's not how it works?! Crap.

See, I knew I shouldn't have said anything about sleep, because all of a sudden, Lorelai has started waking up at the butt crack of dawn in a bad mood. Normally, during the week I go in to her room to get her at 6:45 and she's usually still laying down (though not always asleep). On the weekends, she's been known to sleep (or stay quiet in her bed) until as late as 8:30!

Not lately though. Since Saturday, the latest she's slept is 6am. On Monday she was crying at 4am so I tried to rock her back to sleep. She wasn't having any of that so I brought her into bed with me. She was restless, so Adam decided to take her downstairs and try to get her to fall asleep on the couch with him like she sometimes does.

sleeping on the couch
Sleeping on the couch isn't ideal, but it's better than not sleeping at all!

No such luck. He said she maybe dozed off and on for about 30 minutes, but was wide awake and restless the whole time. Same thing this morning, starting at 5am. I'm thinking it must be a growth spurt, but of course I worry that she's having some sort of reaction to the whole milk we've started gradually adding to her breast milk (hopefully not, but It's just in my nature to worry about things like this).

Whatever it is, I'm ready for this phase to be over! Aside from me being tired, she's more tired and cranky, which is making her transition to the toddler room at daycare this week a bit rocky so far, and her evenings full of tears. I really do like to think of Lorelai as a generally happy baby, but lately that image is becoming a little tarnished...

cranky baby girl
Cranky baby girl

I want my sweet, smiley, good sleeper back...pretty please?

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  1. Oh man, I feel your pain! Over Leila's 2 years she has gone through SO many phases like this. Middle of the night wakings, early morning wakings, not falling asleep easily, etc. I think you just have to roll with it and hope for the best. Sending happy sleep thoughts your way...


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