Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farewell to soccer...for now.

Spring soccer has (finally!) come to an end (um, a few weeks ago—my laziness got in the way of me posting about it sooner). It was great for the boys, but it was really hectic for us, so I'm glad to have our weeknights and weekends back. (To do what, though? You would think that more free time would lend itself to more frequent blogging...but you'd be wrong. Sorry for being MIA!)

Aidan's team had a rough couple of games at first, but they picked up steam towards the end of the season and won some really tough games. Aidan showed lots of progress and developed some skills as a defender.

Aidan playing soccer

Poor Aidan was heartbroken that he didn't get a trophy at the end of the season. All he got was a snack and a great big hug and high five from Mommy and Daddy, but that's apparently not as good as a trophy. Obvs. (Apparently none of the parents or coaches realized that if you wanted trophies for your players, you had to actually order them yourself. Lesson learned...)

Coach Adam helped lead the Maroon Dragons to victory.

As for Logan, we thought he peaked after his first game because he had a bit of a lull in enthusiasm for games during the next few weeks, but fortunately he came around and really got into it, and continued to ROCK on his team. Offense, defense, runner extraordinaire, he was all over that field. In his last three games, he was literally the only one on his team who touched the ball at all. He scored and blocked more goals than I can count, and single-handedly led his team to landslide wins.

Practice is a different story though. Logan loved the games, but loathed practice. He hated practice so much that he's refusing to play soccer next season. We'll see. It'll break Adam's heart if Logan gives up on it, when he's clearly so naturally talented at it.

Lorelai was the cutest little cheerleader on the sidelines. I told Logan she'll be sad if he doesn't play soccer anymore. And how could you disappoint this face?!

So farewell to soccer for now, and maybe (hopefully!) we'll be back on those fields in the fall.

And maybe (hopefully!) I'll be back to more regular blogging now.


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