Monday, June 27, 2011

Picture purgatory

I've probably got about 100 pictures in picture purgatory—just trapped on my camera, ready to be edited and uploaded. But apparently I'm too lazy to be bothered with actually doing anything with them.

I think if I had better photography skills and had better shots straight out of the camera, it might not be such a daunting task to edit and upload them. Or maybe it would, because I'd still want to mess around with them and try out all these super cool photoshop tricks on them that I keep seeing on all the many photography blogs I read. At any rate, I just haven't been motivated to get off the couch and sit at the desk (on our annoyingly slow desktop that Adam's usually using) for hours to get it done.

I just need a better process and some dedication to get it done. In the meantime, I'll leave you with some iphone pics. {Sigh} If only getting pictures off my dslr were as easy as the touch of a button to apply a filter in instagram and upload them to flickr, where I can easily grab the code and insert it into the blog, all without leaving the comfort of my couch (laptop and phone cuddled up with me). 

Lorelai's first time in a bounce house @ a birthday party a few weeks ago. 

OMG that belly. I'm gonna eat her up!

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  1. Editing Smediting! That is why I have given up on messing with my photos in photoshop - it just takes so much time! They go straight off my camera onto the blog. Unless there is a pic that really needs some tweaking. BUT, I'm with you in that I want to get better at all this photography stuff... learn how to edit better/more efficiently, etc. Just watch out! Soon you'll be so behind in your photos that you'll never get them off the camera. :-)


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