Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours"‏

A poignant quote by Robert Byrne, as seen on a facebook friend’s status today.

And I think Logan totally agrees. He's so over the cold weather that had an argument with me this morning about wanting to wear flip flops and no coat. My explanation of "it's WINTER. Winter means COLD!" just doesn't cut it for him. Sorry kiddo, just because you don't wear a coat or put on flip flops, doesn't make it magically warm. Here's how this morning went as I was trying to get us out the door (imagine Logan using his most whiny "it's the end of the world" voice):

Logan: I want to wear my flip flops!
Me: No honey, it's too cold out.
Logan: No it's not, I want to!
Me: Sweetie, when it's cold enough out to freeze water into ice, it's too cold for flip flops.
Logan: But I waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaa wear them!!!
Me: Dude. If you wear flip flops, your toes will turn black and fall off. Now get on your coat, we have to go.
Logan: Why do I have to wear my coat EVERY DAY?! I don't waaaannnnaaaa wear my coat!
Me: I'm not sure what to tell you, honey. It's January. In a few more months it won't be winter and then you won't have to wear your coat anymore. Until then, you have to.
Logan: But it's the END of January (like he was arguing that means it's not winter anymore??).
Me: Sorry Lo, even the end of January is winter coat weather. And all of February. And March. But it'll probably be nice enough to ride bikes or scooters this weekend!

By that time, the coat was on and he was buckled and I thought I had sufficiently explained the whole "it's cold outside" thing and re-directed his attention. Until we drove past the neighborhood pool. I couldn't help but laugh when he said "Mommy, can we go to the pool?". Sigh.

Well, at least we're not in the negative temps, under feet of snow! But I'm definitely looking forward to milder 50+ degree weather this weekend! Spring can't get here soon enough! It's sad but true—my family is just not cut out for cold weather.

Logan's pouty face
Not a picture from today, but this is what Logan looked like this morning when he was arguing with me. Classic Logan.


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