Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm still here

Hello...anyone still there? {Dusts cobwebs off this long-neglected blog of mine...} I'm still here. I've just been completely unmotivated to write anything. Or take many pictures. Or do anything with the few pictures I have taken. Sigh.

But we've been busy! The boys started soccer, we went to Great Wolf Lodge on their fall break, gave Lorelai's room a complete makeover, rode ponies at a neighborhood cookout, went to our favorite farm for some fall fun, did school projects, took Logan to urgent care for an infected wound, went to birthday parties and Halloween parties and fall carnivals and overloaded on candy. Whew!

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

So I've got lots to write about, and a handful of half-written posts that sit neglected on my computer. I just need to find some motivation and make time to finish them.

I miss my little blog and I know I will regret not documenting our happenings lately.


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