Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vehicles are a huge freakin' money pit

In the two months that Adam's been without a job, we've spent more money on our cars than we have in the at least the past two years. First we had to replace all the tires on the Odyssey because they were bald--to the tune of almost $600. Then a rock cracked the windshield of the Civic. Another $100 gone. And yesterday the Civic's check engine light came on. Did you know that replacing an O2 sensor costs almost $600? Well we sure know now. :(  Maybe Adam needs to switch careers or take up a car repair hobby in his spare time because OMG.

And of course this all happens right before Christmas. Seriously?!

Dear Santa...

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  1. Gahhh, cars can seriously suck sometimes. :(
    I hope Santa drops you that magic wand and money tree. And, if he does, could you let him know I would like the same thing?


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