Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making beach memories

I have fond memories of going to the beach every summer. Building sand castles, diving in the waves, catching sand fleas (we always called them sand diggers), and soaking in the sun. I'm so excited for my kids to make those same memories, summer after summer.

 photo TopsailJuly2013-120_zps0d1cc735.jpg

We're beyond fortunate to have a house to stay in, and an extra set of hands (that belong to my wonderful mom) more than willing to come and help with the kids. Let's face it, vacations with young kids aren't truly relaxing. Especially at the beach, what with the possibility of them getting swept out to sea and/or eaten by Jaws.

 photo TopsailJuly2013_Collage9_zps1b13c197.jpg

Obviously that didn't happen. :) And even though we may not have laid on the beach, tropical drink in hand, relaxing to the max, we did have an amazing time running on the beach...

 photo TopsailJuly2013_Collage11_zps5121eefc.jpg

Catching some waves...

 photo TopsailJuly2013-136_zpsa5d96d1d.jpg

Playing in the sand...

 photo TopsailJuly2013_Collage10_zps3d9e5c47.jpg

Splashing in the water...

 photo TopsailJuly2013_Collage8_zps181545bd.jpg

Enjoying a nice ocean breeze...

 photo TopsailJuly2013-019_zps704b9364.jpg

Finding sea shells and sand fleas...

 photo TopsailJuly2013_Collage4a_zpsfc02dd40.jpg

And we even managed to get some family pictures, including this framer. Although it was hit or miss getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time (wave! bird! whatever!)

 photo TopsailJuly2013_Collage7_zps09ceb222.jpg

 photo TopsailJuly2013-104_BW_zps596dd033.jpg

Until next time, when we'll make even more memories. Only a few more weeks to wait, actually. :)

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  1. What a great time at the beach!!
    The kids look like they had a BLAST!


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