Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday froyo and dollar store shopping for the win

Happy 34th birthday to my hubby! The kids have been so excited about his birthday for some reason. Lorelai especially, who has serenaded him with Happy Birthday several times before today. And when I tucked Logan in to bed last night, he said he was so excited about tomorrow because "it's pep rally day, PE and Daddy's birthday!" So cute. :)

A Lazy Crazy Life
She's being sweet, not trying to get away, I swear. :)

This weekend, I took the boys shopping for Adam's birthday. We went during Lorelai's nap to make things more efficient, and after some initial "whaaa, I don't wanna go shopping!" whines, they were really into picking the perfect gifts for Adam. They had some very specific things in mind (one of which we couldn't find, so it'll go on our Christmas list) and got some great ideas as we browsed. They didn't even complain too much when I dragged them into DSW to look for shoes for myself, which ended up being a great move on my part, since we happened upon a great pair of happy socks for Adam.

A Lazy Crazy Life A Lazy Crazy Life

When Lorelai woke up from her nap, I took her to the dollar store like I did with the boys a few years ago to get "a pink present for Daddy." Before we left, she even asked him if he liked pink. He said yes, he does have some pink dress shirts. She was SOLD.

It was a hilarious trip, and I'm so sad no one else was there to enjoy it with me. Maybe 3 is a bit too young to give free reign over getting Daddy "anything you think HE would like" because I really don't think he'd have much use for a pink coin purse, a princess puzzle, a Minnie mouse figurine, a tiara, or hair clips. I literally laughed out loud multiple times at some of the things she chose. By the time we got to the check-out lane, I (and probably everyone in the store) was sick of hearing myself say "we're shopping for Daddy, not you. What would Daddy like?"

In the end, she was absolutely convinced he needed bath squirt toys ("there's a frog, Daddy likes frogs, frogs go like this {hops down the aisle}"), an orange squishy ball, and a pink jump rope. She was most insistent about the jump rope, but I convinced her to go with the mostly blue with pink accents (in the hopes that the boys would end up using it) since the happy socks we got him had some pink in them to satisfy her requirement.

A Lazy Crazy Life

I also let her pick out a card, and the one she pulled out was a pretty pink "To my sister on your birthday" gem. But right over the card aisle was a bunch of helium balloons, so she quickly abandoned the card in favor of a balloon. A better choice, for sure.

This morning, we sang happy birthday to Adam, tackled him with hugs/kisses and gave him the new socks to wear. This evening he opened more presents and we went out for froyo after dinner. Tomorrow we celebrate again with a home-cooked (by his mom, I get the night off from making dinner, woohoo!) mexican feast, as is tradition these days.

A Lazy Crazy Life 

 Happy birthday honey, love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the hubs.
    Lorelai is a RIOT! Can she come on my next shopping trip?


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