Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday!

This has just been one of those weeks (okay, maybe 2) where my brain and motivation to blog have just checked out on me. So...TGIF for sure! But I haven't been completely lazy, and there's proof! As well as some other highlights of my week.

A Lazy Crazy Life

1. I got another unexpected but very much appreciated "rising star" award in honor of the work I did for our latest software release at work. It's always nice to be appreciated, and it's even better when it happens during a yummy dinner of filet, asparagus, wine and chocolate chess pie in the wine cellar of the Angus Barn. On the company's dime. :)

2. I finally put back on my running shoes after at least a month, and did pretty well out there! I really had no excuse, since it was a gorgeous (and completely unseasonable) 73 degrees and I was going to wash my hair anyway. Yes, I plan my workout schedule around my hair washing days...

3. Speaking of unseasonable weather, Lorelai and Aidan decided they should sport their winter hats. In August. Totally logical, right? Ha! I mean, it was almost chilly a couple of mornings this week, but it's still August. In NC. Don't rush winter, kids.

4. I sold our pack n play on Craigslist this week, which freed up space in our garage and put a little extra moolah in my pocket. Win win!

5. Adam and I did a huge garage reorganization and clean out this weekend. We bought a new shelving system and a storage box for the deck to get stuff off the garage floor, and purged a bunch of stuff. I even painted an old cabinet we had that was just taking up space and was able to bring it back inside for more storage. I know it probably doesn't look like much in that picture, but believe me--if you saw the before picture (side note: kicking myself that there's no before picture, bad blogger!) you'd see what a huge change it was. I was definitely not lazy at all on Sunday. In fact, I don't think I sat on the couch once all day until it was time for True Blood. Go me. :)

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  1. Please come organize my house next. Please?? hehe.

    Congrats on getting the gold star, that's awesome!

  2. Yeah for work kudos! Great job momma. And that's one, organized looking garage. When are you coming to do mine?!

  3. Way to get the run in!
    I CANNOT WAIT until we can start clearing out some of all this baby stuff (which won't be for a few more years).


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