Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Never a dull moment

Given the perspective that Saturday gave me, I'm not really complaining, believe me. But it just seems like there's a lot more crazy and not as much lazy going on over here. And what happened last week, on top of the school issue we've been stressing about + the scare with Lorelai, just adds to the list of crazy.

With the stress from the parent/teacher conference on Thursday, I was in no mood to cook (reality check—I've just been plain old terrible about meal planning lately), so we took the kids out to Chick-fil-a for a celebratory "We're proud of you, Aidan" and "Yay for the end of the school quarter" meal. Good times.


Then we headed over to Sweet Frog for some FroYo to continue to celebration and family fun. More good times. And for the record, I'm still kind of dreaming about my mango/original tart swirl with strawberry and mango poppers, white chocolate chips, coconut sprinkles and mochi (what is that stuff anyway?!) despite what happened next.


We got the kids bathed and in bed, and relaxed on the couch watching tv for a while. Then we went to bed, and before I could even fully fall asleep, Lorelai cried out. Adam got her and yelled for me to help when he realized that she had thrown up all over herself and her bed. Whomp whomp.

Adam got her bed changed and I got her all cleaned up as best as I could—she wouldn't get in the tub so I did what I could with a soapy washcloth and shampoo in the ends of her hair over the sink (a huge PITA, btw). Got her all dressed and back in bed, but she didn't stay asleep. She called out to me so I came in her room to rock her some more. And that's when she threw up all.over.me. I had a small blanket that I tried to use to um...contain it, but I already had it all over the side of my face, neck, shirt and hands. Decidedly NOT good times.

Another massive cleanup ensued and she finally laid down and was good for the rest of the night. She never had a fever and was perfectly fine in the morning, so it must have been something she ate that her stomach disagreed with. But suffice it to say that Chick-fil-a and Sweet Frog definitely lost some of their appeal the minute it was thrown up onto my face. (You're welcome for that image. "You know you're a mom when"...amiright?)

Anyway, I'm just sayin'...I could totally use a bit of down time in between some of these more "intense" events (I know, perspective. Things could be so much worse, and for that I'm thankful). A few dull moments might be nice. ☺ But then again, I'm a parent, what can I expect?! Ha!


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  1. Poor Lorela, and poor mommy for being the target of projectile vomit. No bueno!

  2. glad you had a nice family night together. my friend is obsessed with chick-fil-a...i haven't had anything but a milkshake from there in the past few years. i gotta get there! your photos are awesome - you really capture sweet moments. i hope lorelai's head is getting better and better. love and prayers. <3<3

    1. Thanks, Maria! She's definitely on the mend. And you definitely have to get to cfa more often, so yum :)

  3. That's exactly it ... we are parents! Our lives are bound to be crazy for the rest of our life! I do understand what you mean about down time. It would be nice to have!!

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    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. I soooo don't miss those days- actually, I miss those days, just not those moments of sickness. Glad it was just a temporary sickness and that all is now well. Here from the weekend showcase-BB2U.

  5. Oh wow!! That so takes me back to the days with our first born. I think J myster was about 12 or 13 months old and he vomited in our bed, it was like an explosive fountain of ...whatever he ate. Oh man! Oh man being a mom is the bomb, but sometimes it totally sucks! You have my deepest sympathies!! I hope you have some lazy time real soon!

    Stopping by from the weekend showcase, sorry I'm late!

  6. Oh my goodness, I am absolutely dreading the first time my kid throws up,on me, I am not talking baby spit up here. I know I will lose it. Bah.

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