Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lorelai says

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

I know I've missed a bunch, but these are the Lorelai-isms I managed to write down over the past few months since the last post.

Mommy: (pointing to her right foot) Which foot is this?
Lorelai: Um, right!
Mommy: Yes! Which foot is this? (Pointing to left foot)
Lorelai: Left foot!
Mommy:(pointing to right hand) What hand is this?
Lorelai: Ummmm, yellow?
Mommy: No...try again.
Lorelai: Oh! Green!

Mommy: how do you spell your name?
Lorelai: L...E...R-S-T?
Mommy: not quite. LORELAI
Lorelai: Oh. L-O-RST
(And then we did a massive name spelling drill with all of us telling her and quizzing her, and now she can spell it correctly. Aaaand we sometimes still call her Lerst, ha!)

Mommy: Let's brush your teeth, Lorelai.
Lorelai: I'm not Lorelai, I'm a cow!

Lorelai: Ew, what is this, I don't like it!
Teacher: Fruit cocktail. It's got all the fruits you already like, just try it.
Lorelai: Oh! I like fruit cottontail.
(Her teacher was so tickled by this, she had to tell me all about their conversation. I guess Lorelai kept calling it "fruit cottontail" for a while, cracking everyone up.)

Lorelai: Don't stand on your phone, that would be terrible. I'll call the police if you do that. (A friendly warning while I was doing some ab exercises in front of my phone on the floor, ha!)

After I had put Lorelai to bed like I do every night, she gets up and comes into the boys' room.
Lorelai: When am I going to bed?
Mommy: Ummm, now. I just put you to bed a minute ago...
Lorelai: Oh! I'm crazy!

Lorelai: (while watching the Super Bowl) I really don't like football. I like Ariel. 

Lorelai: Mommy did I tooted? Smell my butt! (Classy alert--she said tooted instead of farted.)

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

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