Monday, March 17, 2014

TV Junkie

Adam and I are total TV junkies. We typically spend just about every night after the kids are in bed, from 8:30 to 10ish on the couch, vegging out in front of one of the many shows we watch. It may not be quality together time and we may be rotting our brains and being anti-social, but honestly, after a long day at work, it's the way we both choose to relax, and I'm glad we can do it together.

Via. We'd much rather stay home and watch TV than go out!

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything, but here's the list of shows I record and watch religiously (only 4 shows on this list are ones I watch without Adam--I really wish he watched Scandal so I'd have someone to OMG with, ha!):

The Walking Dead (last night's episode, Holy $&!@ you guys!)
House of Lies
True Blood
True Detective
Game of Thrones
Downton Abbey
House of Cards
Orange is the New Black
Sons of Anarchy (still can't get over that season 6 ending, OMG)
Strike Back
Grey's Anatomy
Vampire Diaries
New Girl
Big Bang Theory
Parks and Rec
How I Met Your Mother
So You Think You Can Dance

And let's not forget about the dearly departed, much loved:
Breaking Bad
Dexter (Adam and I binge-watched all 8 seasons over the course of a couple months and we were so sad to see it end!)

There are several shows that we used to watch on a regular basis, but we chose to not put on our new DVR. I'm kind of proud of us for cutting back. Although I should also probably say that I've got Revenge cued up on my Netflix list, ready to go at any point. :)

Not that I have much more room in my schedule...but am I missing any other really great shows?


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