Tuesday, November 8, 2011

15 months

This post is late, considering Lorelai turned 15 months on October 29, but since it's one of the well-check milestones, I have to post about it, right?

She's 26 lb 15.5oz (90th percentile) and 31.5 inches (75th percentile). She's wearing size 3 diapers (we're going to move up to size 4 soon) and 18 month pants and shirts, although I just bought some 2T tops so they would be a bit longer.

Lorelai at her 15month appointment

She's still a great sleeper (knock on wood, as usual), great eater, and all around happy baby. She's walking and climbing all over the place. She loves to sit on chairs like a big girl and is working on a circus act of standing on said chairs and balancing precariously. She did a "Look mom, no hands!" but I did the responsible thing and got her down safely instead of getting my camera :)

Sitting on a chair like a big girl

Things that don't make her happy? Getting strapped into her car seat (or being restrained in general), and having to lay still for diaper changes. I'm ready for that phase to be over!

She's got 12 teeth that she likes to help me brush before bed. She still loves to play peek-a-boo, and she's now putting her hands over her face to hide. If she's fussy in the car, one of the ways the boys can make her happy is to engage her in peek-a-boo.

She waves hi and bye and can follow simple commands like "bring me your shoes," "go give your brother a hug," and "show me your belly." She knows where her nose is, and can usually point to her ears and eyes when asked. She reacts when we tell her no, but she doesn't always stop what she's doing. Sneaky little thing.

Oh, and she also still likes her paci at bedtime and on the weekends during naps (or whenever she sees it laying around the house). She doesn't have one all day at daycare though. Not sure when we'll try to break her of that habit...

big slippers
She had fun with Logan's slippers. She's now the proud owner of some hand-me-down superman slippers we found because she was so obsessed with his.

So she's very interactive and can communicate pretty well. She babbles all the time. BUT. Yep, of course there's a but. I'm a little worried (I'm serious, only a little, I'm not freaking out or anything) about her speech development because as of her appointment, she only had 3 actual words: Mama, Dada and uh-oh. And these are the same words she's had since around 12 months. No progress since then. I wish I could remember exactly how many words the boys had at this age, but I really do think they were saying more words than Lorelai is. I know each child is different and subsequent children tend to speak later, but girls also tend to speak sooner than boys, so I just started worrying that something was wrong. Turns out she's at the lower end of normal, but still normal. By 15 months, the doctor said they expect anywhere from 3-6 words. Although she also said that if she didn't have any new words before her 18 month appointment, they would need to evaluate her further. I'm proud to report she starting saying "hi" in the last week. Cross your fingers more words come soon!

I also asked about the peanut allergy and got a referral to the allergist. Unfortunately our appointment isn't until January 5, so we've got a lot of time to wait in limbo until then. In the meantime, we haven't completely eliminated PB from the house (hopefully that doesn't turn out to be a mistake), but we've just been super extra careful to not cross-contaminate anything Lorelai might come into contact with. The boys have been really good about washing their mouths and hands after sandwiches.

Anyway, despite any worrying I may be doing, Lorelai is simply amazing. On a daily basis, Adam and I just can't get over how adorable and sweet and awesome and funny (and on and on...) she is. Can't say enough how much I love this little girl!

Silly Lorelai on her rocking horse
She loves this rocking horse. And balancing precariously on her knees on the top of this rocking horse. Little monkey!


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